Syed AunirbaanEdit

Welcome Pain’s touch

And walk like it’s not hurting you...

Cause Pain is nothing but another feeling!

Love Pain and she will love you back...

10 folds, maybe a 100!

Deluding yourself? Oh that’s not it.

I have got Pain, she is amazing-

I have got Pain, she is awesome-

I'm in love with her!

Pain? What are you? You freak thief!

Why take all, leave some for me?

You wouldn’t dare! Why you! Oh crap!

Please Pain, can't you just leave me alone?

What I ever done to you?

Don't eat my soul- I beg of you!

Muhahaha, to no avail!

I will not leave you...

I will consume your soul!

I will take everything and even more!

I am Pain!

I want you to cry,

No matter what you try,

I will make your tears dry- oh yeah, I am Pain!

Hey Pain? What’s your problem?

Can’t you see it’s not working?

Give more; try harder, yeah harder...

What’s wrong with you Pain?

Push yourself; push yourself- that’s how it’s done...

Oh yeah!

Hey you! Can’t you just see?

That Pain is killing you?

What’s the matter?

Fight! Fight back with all you have got!

You don’t love her! That was just an illusion!

Yeah, fight! Fight like you have never fought before...

Come on, you can do better than that!

Show her what you are made off!

Death and Darkness! Come, come, engulf- ha ha ha everything!

Consume the living and the dead!

Where are you now Pain?

And you? Where did you go!

Dead! You all are so very dead!

See? I won! As I always had and will...

Forever! Muhahahahahahahahahaha!