Syed AunirbaanEdit

Star speaks? The Earth is not enough- Agamemnon was right!

I look to the horizon, its so close, haunted, haunted by limits!

When I wonder at the length, I laugh and shout, this maniac lust!

No logic, no reason, a false existence- I wonder why?

Is this me? THE ONE is so stooped apart from the dignity that I desired.

There's no way to it, there's no end to it!

This is a disease, the Earth is not enough!

Berengaria, is that you who's there?

I ain't Attila, I won't refuse you!

Alas, why am I not Attila? I covet to be him, The Scourge of God!

Star speaks, the Earth is not enough!

This lust, this thirst, so reckless, so proud and so, so childish!

No logic, no reason, only passion- fuck it! I don't give a damn!

It hurts, it hurts, I don't wanna die, pal!

Forgive the time and forget the laughter, we are all to be slaughtered to the end-

There's no end to it, there's no end to me!

Even if this body dies, mark my words, write it down-

A stronger existence will haunt and hunt you down!

Star speaks, the Earth is not enough!