Syed AunirbaanEdit

Hey, look at me-

So shameful, so shy-

All alone, crying in the dark!

I walk in the slumber of night,

Haha the ghost of tomorrow!

There was the life, looking at me,

From the heavens, there was peace,

Like the soothing breeze in the summer.

The time lights its mystery, clings and brings life to me-

Fate laughs, like the ghost of tomorrow!

Give me some blood, I need it,

Adore the heart to the pain,

Bring the falling carnage down,

On this diseased world,

Envelop it on fire, oh the ghost of tomorrow!

Follow my lead,

Cause I am lost!

Seek my dream,

Cause its not there!

Shattered yeah shattered,

By the ghost of tomorrow!

The truth? The sanity?

Lie! all lie!

Love? Friendship? Sacrifice? Care?

Vain all vain!

All that is good, all that is light

Must be undone! Then cometh salvation!

Says the ghost of tomorrow!

Oh walk, till your feet bleed,

Till you don't stand, till you are nomore,

Go the distance, spread the dark wings and take your flight,

Just like I had, become the ghost of tomorrow!