Syed AunirbaanEdit

Faces curved on malleable darkness,
Rises from the depth of the abyss!
Crawling like spiders,
Poking with tentacles,
Underneath the skin - rage!
Tearing the flesh - rage!
Blackening the soul - rage!
Killed hope at birth,
And dream at adolescence!
Cursed and blessed, by the comfort of void,
Lackluster - wandering on own dead zone.
Sealed off demon -
Known as nightmare,
Knocks on the window seam -
Welcome back my alter ego!
One more time now -
Dine with me!
Webs of invisible shackles,
Caught like a fly,
Darkness rising,
Darkness whirling,
Darkness - oh so appealing.
Come take a seat -
Awaited long enough,
Pretentious existence -
Time to shake the core.
Let darkness guide me!
Oh, on a side note - what taste better than a glass of your own blood before goodnight?